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By GameSlean, March 10, 2015 0 News

Microsoft has revealed the latest system update for Xbox One which is available today. One of the features that has been added is the ability to take screenshots. Players can now capture screenshots by double-tapping the Xbox button and using… Read More »

By GameSlean, March 9, 2015 0 News

The ESRB has revealed why Batman: Arkham Knight received an M rating. As you can probably guess, the explanation centers around blood and violence,but the ESRB also describes scenes that deal with torture. “a vehicle’s wheels are also used to… Read More »

By GameSlean, March 4, 2015 0 News

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be the last game in the Metal Gear saga, according to Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima. In an interview with IGN, Kojima says he is “finally closing the loop on that saga.”… Read More »

By GameSlean, February 26, 2015 0 News

In an interview with IGN, Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata stated that the development of the title is about 60 percent. Despite being 55 percent last September, Tabata reassured players that the development time will speed up once the… Read More »

By GameSlean, January 5, 2015 0 News

Keiji Inafune, the creator of Mega Man has passed a key aspect in the development for his new title Mighty No. 9. In a video update, Infune says that the game is “pretty much finished, and from now we’ll be… Read More »

By GameSlean, January 5, 2015 0 GS Weekly Podcast

This week in the news it’s poor quality Amiibo figurines, and the Xbox One gets a price drop.  Later on Chris reviews the best game on the Wii U so far, Bayonetta 2. GameSlean Weekly 224 – GameSlean.tv