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By GameSlean, April 18, 2015 0 Best of the Best

This week on Best of the Best, DREAMCAST!

By GameSlean, March 7, 2015 0 GS Weekly Podcast

This week we start with news on MGS V, Sony’s Morpheus VR headset, and EA’s closure of developer Maxis.  Then it’s on to Nintendo Corner, Best of the Best Dreamcast games, and our Top 5 this week is reasons the… Read More »

By GameSlean, February 27, 2015 0 GS Weekly Podcast

This week we kick things off with the recent Sega news and a discussion on how badly they’re swirling the drain.  Then we move into Nintendo Corner where it’s more Amiibo news.  Later, we go over best of the best… Read More »

GS Weekly Podcast – Episode 227

By GameSlean, January 5, 2015 0 GS Weekly Podcast

Fraudsters create fake Amazon listings for the PS4, and Halo: TMCC releases with nearly unusable matchmaking.  Afterwards we go over the Top 5 Reasons Sonic Boom SUCKS. GameSlean Weekly 227 – GameSlean.tv

By Tomb, December 2, 2014 0 News

Over the weekend, the Sega Corporation (formerly Sega Enterprises, Ltd.), shocked the gaming world when it announced (via social media) the development of a new console: The Dreamcast 2. Vice -President of Future Concepts for Sega of America Inc., Robert… Read More »

By GameSlean, October 30, 2014 0

Chris leads a review of GameSlean.tv’s first Wii U title.