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By GameSlean, September 17, 2014 49 News

Rumored last week, the Microsoft acquisition of developer Mojang has been confirmed.  The deal was announced on Monday, with Microsoft paying a lofty $2.5 billion for the house that built Minecraft. It’s also being reported that co-founder and CEO Markus… Read More »

By GameSlean, September 10, 2014 22 News

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this week that Microsoft may be possibly trying to work a deal for the purchase of developer Mojang.  The deal will reportedly be worth around $2 billion.  It’s also being reported that should the… Read More »

By GameSlean, August 12, 2014 32 News

Darrell Gallagher, Crystal Dynamics Head of Product Development announced during the Microsoft Conference at Gamescom that Rise of the Tomb Raider will be an Xbox One exclusive. The game is a sequel to Crystal Dynamics 2013 reboot,Tomb Raider. Rise of the Tomb Raider will… Read More »

By GameSlean, July 15, 2014 0 News

Just a week after Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella discussed his new vision for the company, Bloomberg reports that that the corporation will execute its biggest round of layoffs in five years. According to people with knowledge on this matter, this… Read More »

By GameSlean, July 10, 2014 20 News

In an email to employees, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella discussed the Xbox and its importance to the company. The CEO said that gaming is “The single biggest digital life category, measured in both time and money spent;” a category that… Read More »

By Nick Kairit, July 1, 2014 0

Open world games have been more popular than ever. Roaming the streets, stealing cars, and killing innocent bystanders is a… Read More »