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By GameSlean, October 24, 2014 0

The GameSlean.tv crew reviews The Evil Within from Bethesda Softworks and Tango Gameworks.

By GameSlean, October 20, 2014 1

Just a day before Alien: Isolation released, I decided to watch Ridley Scott’s Sci-fi masterpiece, Alien. Even after all these… Read More »

By GameSlean, October 16, 2014 0

  We review the terrifying Alien: Isolation, from Creative Assembly and Sega.  

By GameSlean, October 9, 2014 0

Chris leads a review of D4; Dark Dreams Don’t Die, recently released on Xbox One by Access Games.    

By GameSlean, October 6, 2014 35 News

It looks as though the Xbox One has found early success within the Chinese market just a week after its release, September 29. According to Kotaku(via 17173) Shanghai Media Group revealed that Microsoft sold more than 100,000 units. That’s including… Read More »

By GameSlean, October 1, 2014 24 News

According to the U.S Department of Justice, four members of an international computer hacking ring have been charged with hacking into the computer networks of Microsoft, Epic Games, Valve, Zombie Studios and the U.S. Army, stealing more than $100 million… Read More »