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By Nick Kairit, May 28, 2014 0

In 1992, players were introduced to little game known as Wolfenstein 3D. While the game was a critical and commercial… Read More »

By GameSlean, May 24, 2014 0

We take a look at the latest in the Wolfenstein series, Wolfenstein: The New Order.  This game is awesome!

By GameSlean, April 27, 2014 0

Our last video from PAX East 2014, a recap of all the cool stuff we saw!

By GameSlean, April 13, 2014 0

Jeff checks out Wolfenstein: The New Order at PAX East 2014.

By GameSlean, June 19, 2013 0

Tom and Bob check out this upcoming entry into the Wolfenstein game series being developed by MachineGames and published by Bethesda. This represents the 9th game in the series and will launch in time for the holidays 2013 for PS3,… Read More »