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By GameSlean, February 20, 2015 0 GS Weekly Podcast

This week we kick things off with the recent Bethesda E3 presscon announcement and a Kickstarter for a new Clocktower game.  Then we move into Nintendo Corner where it’s more Amiibo, the limited Majora’s Mask New 3DS, and upcoming DLC…. Read More »

By GameSlean, February 8, 2015 0 GS Weekly Podcast

Our first episode of Season 3!  We discuss games we played over break, and then move on to Game Forecast, our new Nintendo Corner segment, and Top 5 for Ghostbusters 3. GameSlean Weekly 301 – GameSlean.tv

By GameSlean, January 5, 2015 0 GS Weekly Podcast

This week in the news it’s poor quality Amiibo figurines, and the Xbox One gets a price drop.  Later on Chris reviews the best game on the Wii U so far, Bayonetta 2. GameSlean Weekly 224 – GameSlean.tv

By GameSlean, October 29, 2014 25 News

Over the weekend, pictures of the Nintendo’s retail version Amiibo figures began circulating. To some fans’ disappointment, it appears some of the details on the prototype figures has been lost in the production process.