Wolfenstein: The New Order

7.5 Overall Score
story: 8/10
gamplay: 8/10
graphics: 7/10

interesting story, gameplay

texture pop-ins

Game Info

GAME NAME: Wolfenstein: The New World Order

DEVELOPER(S): MachineGames

PUBLISHER(S): Bethesda Softworks

PLATFORM(S): PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

GENRE(S): first-person shooter

RELEASE DATE(S): May 20, 2014

In 1992, players were introduced to little game known as Wolfenstein 3D. While the game was a critical and commercial success, it also assisted in spawning a new genre which would become known as the first-person shooter. Fast forward 22 years later and players have their hands on the new installment with Wolfenstein: The New Order. Developed by Machine Games, The New Order introduces players to an alternative outcome to World War II, and provides a first-person shooter experience that feels strangely familiar to other franchises.

The game begins in 1946 with longtime protagonist B.J. Blazkowicz taking part in an allied raid on the headquarters of the Third Reich.  The plan soon goes south and Blazkowicz is hit in the head with shrapnel. Over the next 14 years, Blazkowicz spends his days in a mental institution while in a vegetative state. Waking up, he soon discovers that the Nazi’s have won World War II. Not only have the Nazi’s won, but they dominate the entire globe. After meeting up with a resistance group, Blazkowicz begins a plan of attacks to overthrow Third Reich. Machine Games created a timeline that is not only interesting, but believable. Seeing advanced technology such a giant mech seems realistic in 1960.

The strongest feature in The New Order is the gameplay. Its fluid and doesn’t try anything new, which in the end, works out well. Like most other shooters, a large selection of weapons can be used. Duel wielding can also be executed, but the gameplay becomes clunky and is overall unnecessary. Players also have the option to use stealth. Using alternative routes and Killing officers from behind is satisfying. While the stealth aspect works well, the game does not give many opportunities to execute it. Unfortunately, The New Order is plagued by poor AI.  Enemy movements are thoughtless as they make no attempt to hide behind cover.

The New Order is hit or miss when it comes to graphics. While cut scenes are visually stunning, much of the in-game graphics are not. Environments are bland and generic. Nothing catches the eye. The game is overwhelmed with Texture pop-ins, and glitches will happen on occasion. With a major title such as this releasing in 2014, graphics should be up to speed.

Wolfenstein: The New Order isn’t perfect by any means. What the game lacks in the graphics department, it makes up for in gameplay. While bringing nothing new to the table, Machine Games has given players a solid first-person shooter. One that is much more enjoyable than some of the other titles in the same genre due to its storyline. (Yes Call of Duty, I’m pointing at you.)

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