Big Hero 6

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Superhero origins tale, great characters, instantly quotable.

Some may find it a bit too kid friendly.

In the comics, BIG HERO 6 is a team of state – sanctioned mutants and superheroes, founded in Japan, who’ve been allied with everyone from Sunfire to Silver Samurai to Spider-Man…the film adaption IS NOT that.

What the film does represent however is the first work from Disney’s Animation Division solely focused on a Marvel property. And boy, is it awesome.

Big Hero 6 sets us in the not too distant future metropolis of San Fransokyo (which looks a lot like it could be an animated Blade Runner locale), and brings us to the film’s lead: young robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada. Since graduating high school early, Hiro has been earning extra cash through illegal “bot fights”, where combatants pit home made robots against each other and gamble on the outcome. Needless to say, Hiro is in a bit over his head and gets into some trouble…until his older brother Tadashi introduces him to his robotics lab at the local university, all his pals, and of course his life’s work: Baymax, the personal healthcare robot. Without giving away ANY MAJOR spoilers, Hiro decides to attend the university, but a tragedy occurs and Hiro and his new pals must form BIG HERO 6 and defend the Earth from the forces of evil!

It’s a modern Disney classic, and much like Wreck-It Ralph and Frozen…I unabashedly loved it. The direction, under Don Hall and Chris Williams was done well enough, and although it deviated from its source material pretty far, it was a great story all it’s own. As for the characters in the film, Hiro and his band are likeable, the villains are standard, but do the job (It was great to hear Alan Tudyk of Firefly fame), and Baymax the robot is of course, AWESOME and instantly quotable.

If you are a fan of Disney, especially newer Disney like the above mentioned or The Incredibles, or even NON-DISNEY films like The Iron Giant (which I detected some shades of) you will enjoy this feature. It’s fun, it’s a superhero origins tale, and I’m totally sure this isn’t the last we’ve heard from the Big Hero 6 team. This is one movie that will have you fist bumping your friends ala Baymax immediately following, and that’s a great thing. Parents: Prepare to buy lots of merchandise at Christmas.

BIG HERO 6 was released by Disney Studios on November 7, 2014 and has a run time of 102 minutes. Stay after the credits.


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