10 Overall Score

Great performances captivate you, the score sets the mood, while the shots set the tone. Sets the bar for both Gilroy and Gyllenhaal's future works.

Even at 2 hours, I left wanting more.


Lou Bloom is not the type of guy you really want as a friend.
He doesn’t want you as a friend either. As a matter of fact he wishes you were dead…or dying, so he can record it and quickly sell the footage to the morning news because, as he’s told early on in the film, “If it bleeds, it leads.”

That’s the setup for Nightcrawler, Dan Gilroy’s directorial debut starring an uber creepy Jake Gyllenhaal, as Lou Bloom, a petty thief who stumbles upon the world of freelance video journalism (or being a stringer) early on in the film. He starts off as a novice in this world, but as he is a “quick learner” eager to do whatever it takes to get the perfect shot he climbs the ladder of success rapidly, often at the expense of his colleagues whom he cares nothing for. He is a sociopath whose contempt for humanity is rivaled only by his desire for success.

This isn’t a pretty world Lou lives in, in fact it’s downright grim. But it’s presented so well and the acting is so spot on that you relish every new crime scene, eager to see what Lou will do next to top his last story. The film presents so many tense situations and executes them so well that I left the movie wanting more. MUCH MORE. Then, I could relish in ghoulish delight EVEN MORE of Lou’s tale. Just wait until the film’s final reel. It’s bananas.

Everything about Nightcrawler defied what I expected, from the script (also written by Gilroy), to the performances (a solid support cast rounded out by veteran’s like Bill Paxton and Rene Russo), to the EXCELLENT cinematography, this is a film that has to be seen. It’s a tense, original thriller with enough dark humor thrown in to break up the otherwise morbid mood that this would set. I also expect Gyllenhaal to receive some sort of accolade for his performance, as it could very well be the best work of his career to date, right behind last year’s underrated Prisoners. I also fully expect the character of Lou Bloom to become a cult hero, much like Gyllenhaal’s Donnie Darko.

Do yourself a favor, get out and see Nightcrawler…or maybe someday Lou Bloom will put YOU on the morning news.


*Note: The image used for this review was originally from The New Yorker Magazine.*

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