Dead Space 3

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Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 8/10
Gameplay: 9/10

Established Dead Space gameplay, crafting system adds a new dimension to familiar weapons, great plot

silly microtransactions

Game Info

GAME NAME: Dead Space 3

DEVELOPER(S): Visceral Games

PUBLISHER(S): Electronic Arts

PLATFORM(S): PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

GENRE(S): third person shooter, action horror

RELEASE DATE(S): February 5, 2013

While I complained that they lost a bit of the series’ appeal with Dead Space 2,  they have completely turned it around with Dead Space 3.


The journey that starts in Isaac’s run-down apartment, and concludes over 20 hours later on the ice planet of Tau Volantis is nothing short of amazing.

To start, all the familiar weapons from Dead Space 1 and 2 are there.  The twist is that now they can all be customized, upgraded, and reconfigured, which allows smart players to create supreme tools of necromorph destruction.  Since  raw materials are required for the weapons bench, Isaac must get these from enemies or hidden in the environment.  He now also has a small scavenger robot, which he can send out to find more materials.  Some players may be frustrated with this new system, but if you’re willing to experiment with the various upgrades and attachments, it isn’t difficult to create weapons that will take down the necros on even the harder difficulties.

Graphics are the best we’ve seen in Dead Space yet, with everything superbly detailed and animated.  The game has some great sequences like climbing up an ice cliff, using a small shuttle to move between derelict space ships in orbit, venturing inside a giant living necromorph to pinpoint the location of a marker signal, or piloting Isaac’s ship on a collision course with the planet, all of which look great in addition to doing a great job breaking up the action and keeping things interesting.

Being an action horror title, Dead Space 3 does not skimp on the scares.  The standard Dead Space enemies are all in attendance, and some of the new ones are truly terrifying.  Once the necromorphs appear, it’s best to deal with them quickly because if given any opening, all of them will attempt to eat Isaac’s face.  There was one part where I was traversing the remains of the old S.C.A.F. base, and even though I knew I’d be attacked inside the elevator at some point, when it actually did happen it still got me.  As with the other Dead Space games, the sound design is excellent and contributes to the scare factor as well, with music that does its job and sound effects that are truly hair-raising whenever the enemies are around.

The game’s story is also presented very well.  Isaac is still feeling the effects from the events in the last 2 games, and there are compelling reasons for his adventure and continued struggle against the markers.  The plot is engaging throughout and by the end you’re left anticipating the next one.

All in all this installment has all the right ingredients to make an awesome Dead Space game.  And while I don’t think it was in any particular need of a co-op option, co-op done well and provides a different way to play the game for those who want to team up.

In short Dead Space 3 is absolutely a must-play if you’re a Dead Space fan, and an excellent choice for anyone else looking for a good action horror title.

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