Batman:Arkham Knight Impression

Rocksteady showcased the Batman: Arkham Knight demo today at E3. While the game was unavailable to play, the studio gave consumers a glimpse of what’s to come.

The majority of the demo focused on the batmobile, a new addition to the franchise. An addition that many were waiting to see. From what was seen, the mobile will be a contributing  tool and will be used  in multiple ways. Ejecting into combat and glide mode is now possible. Batman can also use the vehicle via remote control to take out enemies from afar.

Players will discover that Batman has a plethora of new moves and environmental take-downs. One of these includes using enemies against each other for defensive purposes.

Graphically, Arkham Knight is superb. So far, environments and character modals are gorgeous. Switching from cinematic to gameplay couldn’t be more fluid.

Batman: Arkham Knight is looking to be not just a great finale, but a leader this console generation when it hits in 2015.

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